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67895 patent applications have been filed at the German Patent Office in 2018.

Patents and utility models

67895 patent applications have been filed at the German Patent and Trademark Office in 2018. Each of these patent applications had their own motivation. Protection of technological progress. Basis for technology sales. Protection of the investment for the development costs. Employee Inventions. One thing is in common to all of these patent applications: Due diligence needed in the preparation thereof, because the possibilities for amendments are limited to the disclosure at the filing date.

We advise creative minds and innovative companies to possibilities for protection of their inventions and outline the appropriate filing strategies. So it may be advisable from an economic viewpoint, to register a utility model instead of a patent.

A core task are searches for the state of the art documents and the assessment of search results. We also perform as part of the portfolio management extensions and monitor the patent activities of the competition. The defense and enforcement of patents, we take over in all warning letter, interim disposal as well as in litigation. We are glad to advise on the layout of license agreements and contracts relating to research and development collaborations, etc.


Trademarks are quality promises and the basis for successful marketing your goods and services. The focus is on your customer recognizing your products and services via your trademark. Secure your brand in the business via the registration of a trademark. We assist you building a trademark strategy in regard to your business sector, starting with advice on registration options, on the search in respective registers, on the appropriate formulation of the list of goods/services and on the application process in Germany, Europe or Worldwide. We do advice in all matters of trademark law. We also perform as part of the portfolio management collision monitoring and renewals for you.

Many years of experience we rely on in upholding and enforcing brands in all adversary proceedings and in regard to of brand exploitation through licensing agreements.

Dr. Petri holds a lectureship for trademark and media law at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg and at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt.


Do you trust in your product? Then have the courage to apply for a trademark!
The influence of design on the market success of a product has never been more than today.


The influence of design on the market success of a product has never been more than today. A stylish design is "sexy" and distinguishes your product from the competing crowd. For effective design protection, the distinct visual features need to be filed at the register. Protect your product design effective against imitators - in the internet or at trade shows. In all aspects of the design law, we have extensive experience. Prior to filing, it is possible to perform searches for known designs. If there are no obvious concerns to the novelty and individual character of your design, we can advise you on the different registration options in Germany, the European Union and other countries throughout the world.

Design protection can often be operated with relative little efforts, but is a perfect protection against piracy. Hence, for more and more applicants, design protection gets into focus - and rightly so. Talk to us! We look forward to your creativity.

Competition law

In the daily competition for market share, the fight for the "pole position" is fought with hooks and eyes. Some of the competition overshoots! So their action may be objectionable under the laws on competition, for example, misleading advertising claims, superlativ claims, reduction of competitors, slavish product imitations or the use of trade secrets. Together, we are committed to fair competition and decide together how you can enforce your rights in the most sensible way. We do check your advertising terms in view of competition law, defend you against warning letters or interim injunctions or file interim injunctions in your name and enforce your claims in court.


The competition for market share is fought with hooks and eyes.

Contract law is a matter of trust. Trust us!

Contract law

Intellectual property rights are not registered for their own sake.

The focus is on the systematic exploitation of the own intellectual property right position - usually by the sole own use or the granting of manufacturing and distribution licenses for third parties. We are glad to check and work out with you exploitation contracts on patents, trademarks as well as designs, represent you in contract negotiations and enforce your claims in courts. This applies, in particular, to contracts for the transfer of intellectual property rights.

Another focus of our work is the support of R & D cooperation’s between different companies, businesses and individual inventors or between companies and universities.

Contract law is a matter of trust and lives of lawyers' experience. Trust us!


„To think means to compare“ (Walther Rathenau)

We stand any comparison - but no one can do everything. That's why we do only what we really can! Our core activity is the worldwide prosecution and litigation of intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks and designs. We also advise these rights, i.e. in the outline of licensing contracts or research and development contracts, but also in sales contracts and in competition, copyright or advertising law as well as in the employee inventors law.

We have experience. We advise world's leading companies build an effective intellectual property portfolio and develop patent, trademark and design strategies that exactly match the interests of our clients. Different clients have different interests. We know that.

Compromise is good - but not always the silver bullet. Careless settlements and convenient flexibility endangers in the long run your competitive position. We have special expertise in the legal enforcement of claims under the patent, trademark, design, competition and contract law. We know how your opponent ticks and we know the courts.

Legal work costs money. And money, one need to talk about. In general, we work on the basis of payment arrangements; for certain projects also fixed prices can be agreed. Before the start of our work we calculate the costs as precisely as possible and let everyone know for what it is. In a good client-attorney relationship there is no arguing about money.

We look forward to seeing you!


Ragnar Gleim is a patent attorney and European Trademark and Design Attorney. The study of physics in Würzburg and Edinburgh is the necessary technical basis for the technically diverse activity. The necessary legal requirements for the patent attorneys work he gained because of the training as a patent attorney at a local patent law firm, where he graduated with a station at the patent law firm PIPERS in New Zealand. In his work as a patent attorney at the law firm BOHEST in Basel, Switzerland, he gained deep understanding of different requirements that exist in international patent prosecution in different jurisdictions. The assistance for clients in various technical fields, ranging from the electrical industry, mechanical engineering and software manufacturers to "Big Pharma" gives him the ability to advise clients according to the specific needs. His legal specialization is in the fields of patent and utility model rights. A focus of interest is the inventor employee inventions.


Dr. Lars Petri is an attorney at law and has a degree as an attorney specialized in intellectual property law. He has a doctorate on Kurt-Härtel Institute for Industrial Property Law to a patent law issue. After the first few years in a reputable patent law firm in the Rhineland, he became head of the legal department of a leading patent law firm in Bavaria. He has many years of experience in advising on the registration of trademarks and designs and the extrajudicial or judicial enforcement of intellectual property rights, competition and contract law claims. He is also specialized in the outline of licensing, research and development contracts. He is the author of numerous publications on patent, trademark and licensing law and holds a lectureship for trademark and media law at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg as well as at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt.


Ms Gilch is an attorney-at-law and graduate in commercial law (University of Bayreuth). Ms Gilch studied law at the University of Bayreuth with a special emphasis on intellectual property law. In parallel, Ms Gilch also completed additional studies in economics. Following successful completion of the First State Examination, Ms Gilch became a doctoral student under the German Research Foundation (DFG) university graduate training programme on the subject of “intellectual property and public domain”. Her doctorate on a subject related to patent law will be completed shortly. During her time as a doctoral student and her legal clerkship at the Higher District Court of Bamberg, Ms Gilch worked as an academic associate in several law firms being active in intellectual property law. Her fields of activity have a special emphasis on judicial and extra-judicial enforcement of intellectual property rights in patent, trademark and design law and on providing legal counsel in connection with trademark and design applications. Her work further focusses on the formalisation of agreements and providing legal counsel on employee invention law.

Norbert Schnellhammer is an attorney-at-law and graduate in European Union law (University of Würzburg). Mr. Schnellhammer is focused to handle cases in trademark law, design law, copyright law and competition law. A personal field of interest are patent infringement litigations. After having studied economics and philosophy at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Mr. Schnellhammer studied law as well as European Union law at the University of Würzburg. Since his second year, Mr. Schnellhammer has worked as a research assistant at the chair of civil law, roman law and historical comparative law. He attained practical experiences during several internships at various courts as well as in a law firm specialised on IP law in Minneapolis (USA). Besides his work as an attorney, Mr. Schnellhammer completes a LL.M. program in European Union Law at the University of Würzburg by writing a master thesis about “certification marks”.



Legal Assistants

Mr. Raúl Stühler graduated from the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg after completion of his Bachelor studies in the field of semiconductor and laser physics. Mr. Stühler currently works on his thesis for the award of a Master of Science MSc (Hons) degree in physics within the Elite Network of Bavaria. In this context, Mr. Stühler is involved in research works on novel materials and thereby is engaged in the development of a new generation of electronic components.

Mr. Stühler gathered practical and technical experience during his work in a laboratory with highly complex electric and optical measuring instruments, as well as in the planning and setup of a growth and analysis chamber for works in the field of ultra-high vacuum.

In this capacity as an Academic Assistant, Mr. Stühlers core activity lies in the domain of patent and utility model law. In this regard, Mr. Stühler is active in particular in the filing procedure and in the conduct of searches.


Mr. Detlev Stupperich studied electrical engineering in Hannover, Business Administration in Urbana, Champaign, USA and earned his doctorate degree (Dr. Ing.) in civil engineering with the distinction „summa cum laude“.

Following his studies, Mr. Stupperich was entrusted with management responsibility in the supply and application of electric drives, electronic control units in mechanical engineering and automation technology.

Dr. Stupperich thereby gained wide experience in electrical engineering and electronics, in handling systems, in mechanical engineering as well as in automotive engineering and medical technology, in civil engineering and plant engineering. In all of the afore-mentioned fields, Mr. Stupperich analysed structure and function of the systems, coordinated fresh objectives and workflows in collaboration with users, designers, decision-makers and public authorities and ensured necessary documentation of the tasks and transfer of information to all parties involved by drafting specification sheets, functional descriptions, work lists and other documents and drawings.

Dr. Stupperich had been working as a patent engineer for seven consecutive years in a patent law office and for another six years as a freelance patent engineer.



Angela Selsam
trained patent law assistant


Carolin Gehrsitz
trained legal and patent law assistant


Marina Merz
certified legal specialist


Franziska Neckermann
trained legal and patent law assistant


Michaela Aulbach
trained legal and patent law assistant



We take special pride of the trustful cooperation with the reputable patent law firms

Patentanwälte Oehmke und Kollegen, Jena
Volker Oehmke, Patentanwalt
Renate Schaller, Patentanwältin
Joachim Freitag, Patentanwalt

Frese Patentanwälte, Krefeld
Dr. Beate Frese, Patentanwältin
Dr. Stephan Thomas, Patentanwalt


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